1. About Me

I live in the United states, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to be exact. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, and another Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. I am currently a System Analyst for a software consulting company. I work on a variety of projects for various clients. Most of the projects I work on are Web Applications that incorporate C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Every project brings its own unique requirements and challenges, which I find very rewarding.

Prior to my position as a System Analyst, I was a High School Computer Science teacher for 7 years. During that time, I taught many courses, including Intro to Computer Science, Intermediate Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Video Game Design, Multimedia, and Web Design. For every course I ever taught, I had to build my own curriculum from the ground up. These curriculums are still being taught today, even though I have left the district. Throughout my teaching career, I taught concepts in Javascript, C#, Java, C++, Python, HTML, and CSS.

I was introduced into crypto by a friend from work in December 2016. Originally I was focused on only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Eventually I wanted to venture out into others projects, and I stumbled across Lisk. I can not recall exactly how I first came across Lisk, but I know that I was (and still am) very drawn to the whole side chain concept, as well as JavaScript being the language it runs on. Since then, Lisk has become my primary investment, and I have become ingrained in the community and ecosystem.

My goal now is to enhance the Lisk ecosystem in any way I can, whether it be through creating tool, hosting meetups, or just being helpful to other users through our multiple channels. That will remain true whether I am forging or not. I appreciate you taking the time to not only read my proposal, but also considering voting for me. I truly appreciate it.

2. Lisk Projects I’ve Built

  • Lisk Total Payouts - Calculates total payouts from all known Lisk individual and group pools your Lisk address has earned. It can show you how much you’ve received by each delegate/group by month, by delegate, or individual payouts by delegate. It overall a variety of options to view, such as data ranges and chart types.

  • Lisk Chainalysis - Provides in-depth analysis of what happens with all the transactions on the Lisk blockchain. It displays information such as the number of active wallets, how many transactions have occurred in a given time period, or even the Top 100 Transactions To or From Exchanges. A detailed analysis of the tool can be found here: https://lisk.support/lisk-support/new-tool-lisk-chainalysis/

  • Lisk.support API - Public API for Lisk.support. Currently offers API calls for Pending Amounts, Estimated Payout Dates, Delegate Payout Information, Special Addresses, and Pool Information. Other calls are currently in development. Current projects currently utilizing this API:

  • Lisk Excel - Originally designed as a Windows Application, this tool gathers all Lisk transactions based on user criteria, and then saves them in an Excel file. Additionally, you can choose to include prices from 13 different currencies.

  • Vote History - Allows you to search for vote histories based on the criteria that you set. Gives both overall and detailed information based on your search parameters

  • Pool Audit Suite - A suite of tools that will allow a delegate to payout voting rewards as accurately as possible. It will also correct any past payout mistake that could have been made throughout the entire history of the chain.

  • Lisk Events Map - A map thats shows all Lisk related events, both past and present.

  • Lisk Timestamp Converter - Simple Lisk time converter. Convert between Lisk timestamps, Unix timestamps, and Date & time.

  • Lisk Delegate Rank Charts (Now defunct) - Gave a visual of how the 101 ranked delegate positions changed over the course of a user defined timespan. Unfortunately this tool proved to be not very popular, and was thus phased out over time. The main thing I learned from this project was that just because a project can be made, it doesn’t mean it should. I should have realized before I wrote a single line of code that the need for such a project just wasn’t there. This has proven invaluable over time as I now make sure that the time I spend on projects is worthwhile to the community before I begin.

None of these projects would be in existence today if it weren’t for the help of many Lisk Community Members, particularly my friends at Lisk.support. Thank you so much for all of your help!

3. Other Lisk Contributions

  • Lisk.chat Moderator since September 2018

  • Lisk.support - Besides creating and supporting tools on Lisk.support, there are other tasks that I have been involved with in maintaining the site itself.

    • Created the Price Chart widget that is displayed on the main page

    • Twitter - Keeping community up to date with new Lisk.support news and answering any questions that come up

    • Blog Posts - Creating posts to inform the community of new tools, tool updates, or other Lisk related news

  • Lisk USA - Currently working closely with Stellardynamic and the rest of the Lisk.support team on a website overhaul

  • Answering questions and being available on both Lisk.chat & Reddit

  • Future

    • Meetups - I am planning to start meetups throughout the Northeastern United States, starting with my hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

    • Tools - I have a list of updates to make to my current tools, as well as a list of new tool ideas. In addition, I am very receptive to ideas and suggestions from the community. I have enough projects to keep me busy for awhile :)

4. Nodes

  • Delegates

  • Hardware

    • Each delegate is running its own separate node with similar specs.

    • All nodes are deployed from its own unique geographic location

  • Backup Nodes

    • 3 Mainnet

    • 1 Testnet

  • Monitoring Services

    • I run a program on a separate server that pings each node periodically. This in turn notifies me in the event that a server running a node goes down completely.

    • Additionally, I run a local instance of Missed Block Alarm Lite on a Raspberry Pi.

5. Contact

6. Payouts

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